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Medication Compliance packaging

Medication compliance Packaging is one of the strategies for improving compliance that simplifies poly medication regimens easier as much as possible; Our goal is to educate the patients about importance of compliance, information about his or her illness and instructions on how to take the prescribed medication correctly, and an explanation of the benefits and possible adverse effects of the therapy; and, if necessary, use of compliance aids such as medication calendars or compliance packaging.


We offer compounding of medications that are not commercially available to help with ease of administration and compliance in pediatric population, elderly patients with chronic conditions or patients with feeding tubes.

Free delivery

We offer free delivery in Milford area and surrounded neighbourhood community within 10 miles of distance.

Diabetes care

Our pharmacists are able to provide counselling about monitoring glucose levels and how to manage out-of-range levels, including developing an action plan for what to do if sugar levels go too low and help most appropriate hypoglycemic management strategy on an individual basis.

They can also help guide patients through the management of adverse effects, knowing when and how to treat these so that therapy can be continued and when it might be better to switch to an alternative treatment regimen. For patients requiring insulin, the pharmacist can help instruct the patient on how to administer the medication, as well as answer common questions and concerns.

Prescription transfer

We offer easy prescription transfer services just let our pharmacist know.

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